Schlesinger Announces the Acquisition of MedQuery

We are pleased to announce Schlesinger Associates has acquired MedQuery, a Chicago-based fieldwork company with considerable expertise in multiple medical verticals.  

MedQuery will continue as a stand-alone operation under the same management by Chris Lee & Michael Schulte that has made it the successful and respected company it is today. 

Commenting on the news, Steve Schlesinger, CEO, said, “The synergy between our companies was soon obvious. We are delighted to be able to bring this talented group of people into our team, allowing us to continue our mission of delivering the highest quality data collection and service excellence for our clients, specifically in the healthcare arena."

Chris Lee, President of MedQuery added, “Our decision to join the Schlesinger family allows us to grow our business of high-level medical data collection consultation and delivery by leveraging the resources and the global footprint of Schlesinger Associates with a fully aligned team and culture.” 

Steve and Chris are both attending the PMRG Insitute today.


Other industry events this month:

Steve is attending:
MRA Corporate Researcher Conference

Chris is attending:
QRCA Annual Conference


Steve Schlesinger
Steve Schlesinger

Steve Schlesinger

chris Lee

Chris Lee

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